Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gain and Loss!

·        What we have when we are born? Nothing.

·        Birth and subsequently the age and circumstances create the relations. Thereafter we fall to believe in possessiveness. Everyone believe the relations of themselves or may come in a very relation. A son, daughter, father, mother etc. are the out come of one ultimate i.e birth. now a birth is not in a hand of any individual or in the will or wish of the soul who is ready to get birth. It is decided by the almighty, it is he who designs all. When a child is born, it doesn't know who is father or mother. We are climbing this and forcing this relation over the new born.
     God gives you and he takes away from you because it is god's property that God has given for a while to take care or to be taken care of. As and when the responsibility or karma finish either way God starts his work. So relation is blessing of god and continue till he wishes.

·        When you are born nothing was with you and when one dies he carries nothing with him. So where is the problem of loosing it. It was procured from the earth and given back to the earth. It the selfish attachment and possessiveness that gives pain to an individual.

·        When you have everything i.e. Relations, power, money, fame etc. then everyone is happy in his life. In fact the individual fails to understand that all these things are not permanently yours though knowingly well. Everyone become sad and dismal when they loose out of these. If nothing is there then an individual can live happily and after procuring if he looses, he falls in grief and sorrows. He no longer remains happy joyful.
     Without having comfort or relations or after loosing if one can remain happy then only he or she is gods blessed. 

·        The senses. Eye, ears, nose, tongue, skin are five senses. One can not do anything harmful to others by ears, nose and skin. A little harmful by eyes. But one can be maximum harm to others by tongue. Whatever words spoken is heard by someone. Rather the words spoken are to be heard only.

·        One can not control or stop the nose to the breath, eyes to see, ears to listen and skin to feel. But one can control or stop the tongue to speak. Strangely and peculiarly whatever one can not control and stop the functions of senses is observed contrarily whereas the sense of tongue which can be controlled or stopped is used in its maximum capacity.

Grow up Man!!

·        Cause and damage

·        Did you hate anyone at the first instance. When you hate, dislike, abuse any one, do you think for a while regarding the earlier days. I mean birth, childhood, early days of love and affection, early days of marriage etc. Have you ever thought that to whom you are abusing or hurting. One may have given you birth, one may have given you parental status, one may have given you food etc. Are you hurting a body or soul.

     The soul is the same as it was earlier  when the times were good. When a body of an individual becomes problem just think of his past and the relations from the first sight. This is the same soul. May any problem or misunderstanding or lack of knowledge has created the issue. Show mercy on the same individuals. Unless and until you see a soul in a body, you can not justify your act of  hatred. Are you feeding a body or a soul or a dead, are you hurting a body or a soul or a dead etc.

·        When will your presence and identity becomes burden for self and others? When will you won't like others and when others won't like you? What are the reasons behind that. Pause a question for you. Are you right or wrong?

     Don't try to judge why others are wrong. Don't find the mistake in others. Find it within you. We generally don't do this because we believe that we are right and can not be wrong. Have you ever tried to find out the fault within without any partiality and of course  neutrally? No. Because we used to ourselves of fault finder of others. As we think we are always right and that due to ego and overconfidence and self loving ness and self possessiveness etc.


Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hey folks..

Check out this quite old but hilarious video. I guarantee a loud laugh..!!!

Life...A mystery!!

 The man is bundle of desire. I say that every human is bundle of desire . Going one step ahead I say that every man and every animal are bundles of desire. A human has a desire and need whereas an animal has only need because man has a heart to think and desire , animals lack of it.

 Desire comes from an unconscious mind and need is a outcome of a conscious mind. Need is a result of desire. The sequence is desire...wish...expectation...need. Desire turn into wish which inturn converts into expectation and finaly results into need. Constant desire turn into needs. Desire comes from heart while need is requirement of brain or body. To fulfill the need a biological act is required, may it be a word, gesture, sign, or any act. One bitter truth that one's incarnation or birth is nothing but desire or need of a man and woman or may give any other name or relations.

 Every human has desire and need to survive and sustain.It has a lots of dimensions. When an infant comes out from the womb of a mother it requires its first need to breath. Since then he struggles to survive means need to breath. Secondly it needs to get feed. As it groves the need and desire to sustain leads to a series of desires and needs of food, clothes, money, security, family, friends, fame etc etc.
Thus this desire and need can be in two form. One is biological and second is psychological. More or less desire is of psychological in nature may or may not be where as need is of a biological in nature generally. Thousands of years ago Patanjali had defined the desire and need in three forms.
1. Desire to have son, 
2 . Desire to have wealth and
3.Desire to have fame.

Every human being struggles to meet the desire and need. Who builds the character, identity or personality? We believe that it is the education, profession, skills, knowledge, ability, capability, parents, teachers, family, friends, society build ones character perspnality or identity but it is wrong.It is the desire and needed to build ones character, personality and identity. So parents or teacher or family or friends should concentrate on desire or need of the childern or students and deal with then accordingly. A criminalogy also suggests that the desire and need which did not fulfill during the childhood or adolensce age constuct a criminal attitude and at certain point of time he or she react to achive the unsatisfied desire or bees if childhood. A poor child desires to have luxury like rich child but cannot get it. This desire will definitely obbssess the child and lead to a misconduct or to act wrongly or does something which he should not do. He may steal money, may cheat someone, may adopt the easier way to be more reach which may land him in trouble,isn't it?   This desire and need becomes habit and some times converts onto obsession too.

Look aroud and you will find a group of persons having the same thought or set of mind. Now again think what is thought or same thinking it nothing but desire annd need. The same reflects in your attitude, behaviour, work etc. Criminal likes criminals, singer likes singers and so on. So one should identify a person not by personality or appearance but by ones desire and need which invariably reflect therein. Further, in a same way one can summarise past as a failure or fulfilment of desire or need, present as to strive to achieve and future is planning to achieve. Our morning starts with desire or need and day ends with the same feelings. Many a time we drag ourselves to other who wants to achieve own desire or need and we land in trouble.
 This leads to a creation of problems.
In fact desire and need are the mother of all problems. These problems are born by inner and outer force. Inner force means desire and need of self while outer force means desire and wish of others. Think over it and problems you face. Don't you believe that the origin of all problems is nothing but the desire and need of self and others. For example the need to drink  water is a need of survival or to to drink a water emerge as problem for you. Quantity and quality , how, when, where, why etc are the problems of desire or need to drink water. Or take a history of any war , they are fought or are being fought for nothing but to meet the desire or need, whatever it may be, it may be for the desire or need to revenge, ego, to conquer etc. If lots of life lost in war for the fulfilment of desire  or need no one stops or think over it. A simple example, desire to eat nonveg food results in to a death of innocent. Thus every desire and need brings a problem or problems for self as well as for others. In a same way the desire and need of someone others also create problem or problems for them and for you too.

Is our desire or need create a problem for ourself or other? Think over it. The answer is invariably YES. Still we should continue to be the origin of problems for self and other. The answer is NO.So to minimize your problems , first understand and minimize your desire and need .The lesser your desire and need are, the lesser your problems will be. Does it mean that one should not have any desire or need. No. Noone can be without desire and need even otherwise the nature does not permit.So what should be done? One should try for constructive desire or need instead of destructive. Your desire and need should be in a nature of self as well as others upliftment,better life, peace, harmony, development, happiness, health and for the noble cause. The positive, constructive and a noble desire has a great streangth that it can save a life of dying person. If a doctor desires to survive a patient and his desire turn in to an act and if somthing happens wrong then the doctor will face a problem but since the act  of desire is noble and for better cause nothing will happens, god will take care of him. So whatever the acts are committed in pursuance of desire, nothing to worry, keep a faith in god, leave for it, he will take care rest of the thing.
Solutions of problems
-Identify the person by his or her desire or need
-Identify the the nature of desire or need(constructive or destructive)
-Select properly
-Lesser desire and need
-Be happy with whatever you have
-Solve the problem don't allow them to hang over you (because every problem has it solution).

These are the solution of problems created by your own desire and need.
One more thing to add is constant hang over and stretch of any problems turn in to stress.Stress is nothing but obsession of problems.
How to solve the problems created by other due to their desire and need.
-Identify the desire and need of others
-Deal accordingly
-Neglect the destructive one
-You will come a cross four type of people.
       If someone desires to or needs to harm or damage someone else don't react over it. Why? See desire or need force a person to act and act is noting but karma and each karma has its own result . Whatever one acts has to see or meet its end result i.e. karma.
The entire world runs on two wheels of desire and need whatsoever it may be good. bad or ugly.   Unsatisfied desire or need leads to frustration, depression, develop negativity and become a reason of anger, arrogance, ego etc. On other hand if some one fails to satisfy your desire, again it may lead to anger, frustration, depression, negativity etc.
     Raise your desire, wish, confidence to that level that result may force god to be written in your favour.
Are our desire or wish or need may cause damage to our children's future.
    Many times  an individual compromises or surrenders and suppresses one genuine or noble desire and need under the pressure of feelings or emotions. Our sense prevents us from doing any act in pursuance of desire or need considering that this may hurt others feeling or emotions. We crush our desire and need because we care for others who don't care for us rather exploit us under the grab of emotions, feelings, love, affections. They can be parents, spouse, seniors, family and so called friends. Which also leads to a frustration, depression, and life becomes burden and resulted in to unhappy life and becomes like machine. This is the  Hippocratic approach of others. If somebody prevent you from your desire or need , will you consider them as a family , as a friend, as a spouse, as a parent. No. They are nothing leas then a killer. They spoil the relationship. Relationship remains as only the name or formality.

Become a judge of your own and decide what to do. Living a life on others mercy by killing own desire or need and become an unhappy person or to be and remain happy with setting a side all emotional blackmailing to live happy life with your desire or needs whatsoever it may be.
Just take care, whatever your desire and needs are should be for survival and to sustain. Desire and needs are never ending processes. There are series of desires and needs which come ahead after fulfilment of one desire. Do we make injustice or seized some others rights while trying to procure our desire? Often Yes. A simple example , to satisfy your need or desire of hunger , you eat the food which is for others or you eat yours food as well as derives some more food of others. To satisfy your need of hunger will definitely give you pleasure but it will be for a shorter time. It will not last long. But if you remain a little hungry and shares your food with the others and satisfy others desire or need of food , this will give you a more happiness and will be for a longer period. To do this  a little thinking is require that whether we harm to others to satisfy our need or helpful by a positive and constructive understanding. The world is full of seizers and not the sacrifices.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Dreams and Ambition

John F. Kennedy once said that the poorest man on earth is not without a cent but without a dream...!!!

"I have got no clue where to go and what to do..." are the word of today's youngsters who are confused and directionless. But then the question arises from where to get directions and is it necessary to get directions from an external source or is it within us..??? At the end of the day each and every individual knows what he wants from his life but is either scared to accept it or is weak enough to strive hard to achieve it.

Life has many ups and downs, there are sad times and there are good times. In good times everything seems perfect and beautiful but the real challenge arises in sad times. A person is left with two choices...A dream to fulfil and work hard to achieve it, or to give up and loose the hope.

The second choice is simple but to choose the first option needs guts. Now here we come to the decision making. If anyone opts for the second choice then is the person a coward?? NO. This means that the person is not keen to fulfil his dream and which definitely means that the dream he is watching is not what he is meant to do. If that person does what he is good at then the obvious choice will be the first option.

But to accept the choice to fulfil the dream from where does the guts come.?? Dear friend, if your are dreaming right, guts, hard work, satisfaction, results and success will follow. No depression or any crisis on this planet can stop you from achieving what you want. Every night you sleep, you'll have a reason to wake up the next morning and work your ass off to get what you what to. Ever seen a football match?? what's the best part of any match??? THAT MOMENT OF "YESSSS". That expression when Ronaldo hits a goal, or in tennis, that look on Federer's face when he wins grand slam, Doesn't it feel wonderful!! Won't you like to feel like they do feel?? Henceforth, Pull up your socks, Work hard, give your best to fulfil your ambition and the same world which looks like crap will be an awesome place.

Just Remember,  "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal " - by Vince Lombardi US football coach