Friday, 5 July 2013

Dreams and Ambition

John F. Kennedy once said that the poorest man on earth is not without a cent but without a dream...!!!

"I have got no clue where to go and what to do..." are the word of today's youngsters who are confused and directionless. But then the question arises from where to get directions and is it necessary to get directions from an external source or is it within us..??? At the end of the day each and every individual knows what he wants from his life but is either scared to accept it or is weak enough to strive hard to achieve it.

Life has many ups and downs, there are sad times and there are good times. In good times everything seems perfect and beautiful but the real challenge arises in sad times. A person is left with two choices...A dream to fulfil and work hard to achieve it, or to give up and loose the hope.

The second choice is simple but to choose the first option needs guts. Now here we come to the decision making. If anyone opts for the second choice then is the person a coward?? NO. This means that the person is not keen to fulfil his dream and which definitely means that the dream he is watching is not what he is meant to do. If that person does what he is good at then the obvious choice will be the first option.

But to accept the choice to fulfil the dream from where does the guts come.?? Dear friend, if your are dreaming right, guts, hard work, satisfaction, results and success will follow. No depression or any crisis on this planet can stop you from achieving what you want. Every night you sleep, you'll have a reason to wake up the next morning and work your ass off to get what you what to. Ever seen a football match?? what's the best part of any match??? THAT MOMENT OF "YESSSS". That expression when Ronaldo hits a goal, or in tennis, that look on Federer's face when he wins grand slam, Doesn't it feel wonderful!! Won't you like to feel like they do feel?? Henceforth, Pull up your socks, Work hard, give your best to fulfil your ambition and the same world which looks like crap will be an awesome place.

Just Remember,  "Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal " - by Vince Lombardi US football coach

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