Sunday, 7 July 2013

Grow up Man!!

·        Cause and damage

·        Did you hate anyone at the first instance. When you hate, dislike, abuse any one, do you think for a while regarding the earlier days. I mean birth, childhood, early days of love and affection, early days of marriage etc. Have you ever thought that to whom you are abusing or hurting. One may have given you birth, one may have given you parental status, one may have given you food etc. Are you hurting a body or soul.

     The soul is the same as it was earlier  when the times were good. When a body of an individual becomes problem just think of his past and the relations from the first sight. This is the same soul. May any problem or misunderstanding or lack of knowledge has created the issue. Show mercy on the same individuals. Unless and until you see a soul in a body, you can not justify your act of  hatred. Are you feeding a body or a soul or a dead, are you hurting a body or a soul or a dead etc.

·        When will your presence and identity becomes burden for self and others? When will you won't like others and when others won't like you? What are the reasons behind that. Pause a question for you. Are you right or wrong?

     Don't try to judge why others are wrong. Don't find the mistake in others. Find it within you. We generally don't do this because we believe that we are right and can not be wrong. Have you ever tried to find out the fault within without any partiality and of course  neutrally? No. Because we used to ourselves of fault finder of others. As we think we are always right and that due to ego and overconfidence and self loving ness and self possessiveness etc.


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