Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gain and Loss!

·        What we have when we are born? Nothing.

·        Birth and subsequently the age and circumstances create the relations. Thereafter we fall to believe in possessiveness. Everyone believe the relations of themselves or may come in a very relation. A son, daughter, father, mother etc. are the out come of one ultimate i.e birth. now a birth is not in a hand of any individual or in the will or wish of the soul who is ready to get birth. It is decided by the almighty, it is he who designs all. When a child is born, it doesn't know who is father or mother. We are climbing this and forcing this relation over the new born.
     God gives you and he takes away from you because it is god's property that God has given for a while to take care or to be taken care of. As and when the responsibility or karma finish either way God starts his work. So relation is blessing of god and continue till he wishes.

·        When you are born nothing was with you and when one dies he carries nothing with him. So where is the problem of loosing it. It was procured from the earth and given back to the earth. It the selfish attachment and possessiveness that gives pain to an individual.

·        When you have everything i.e. Relations, power, money, fame etc. then everyone is happy in his life. In fact the individual fails to understand that all these things are not permanently yours though knowingly well. Everyone become sad and dismal when they loose out of these. If nothing is there then an individual can live happily and after procuring if he looses, he falls in grief and sorrows. He no longer remains happy joyful.
     Without having comfort or relations or after loosing if one can remain happy then only he or she is gods blessed. 

·        The senses. Eye, ears, nose, tongue, skin are five senses. One can not do anything harmful to others by ears, nose and skin. A little harmful by eyes. But one can be maximum harm to others by tongue. Whatever words spoken is heard by someone. Rather the words spoken are to be heard only.

·        One can not control or stop the nose to the breath, eyes to see, ears to listen and skin to feel. But one can control or stop the tongue to speak. Strangely and peculiarly whatever one can not control and stop the functions of senses is observed contrarily whereas the sense of tongue which can be controlled or stopped is used in its maximum capacity.

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